Wings and Roots

Every 29 days the moon manifests its essence. On the night of the full moon, the forest reveals important messages to men. Nature only whispers to the pure, those who make a pact with her and choose to protect her. It is an endless night for Elise and her thoughts that keep her awake until dawn. During the night of the 29th day, from his window, he hears a faint sound coming from the forest opposite. A delicate call that invites Elise to leave the hut. Like when you are in an event that occurs several times and the protagonist promises to return to it. Dressed in a long white silk dressing gown, a strange inner strength pushes the woman to face the darkness of the forest. In front of her an enchanting scenery in the absolute mystery that surrounds the Holling forest. Once again Elise turns back a few moments before leaving everything to fate. The house is now far away but that inviting melody that accompanies Elise becomes sweeter, almost romantic, conveying a sense of lightness and fluidity along her body. Small points of light that shine like swarovski contrast the deep darkness that surrounds it. Enchantment in his eyes and a reassuring sigh a few moments before a strange encounter. Arrived in front of a sturdy trunk, that melody is now high and strong. Suddenly, those small flashes appear united in an immense light, projected on her like a lighthouse during a theatrical scene. He is the guardian of the forest. Sumptuous, with large open wings that seem to want to embrace the chosen one. "No fear! Now you can go back to being free from your past! " He repeats within himself, immobile and with his gaze fixed on the creature of good omen. Then, a projection of herself through the crack of that majestic trunk. The instant vision of her future that portrays her from behind, probably reborn with a new haircut and an irregularly shaped dress. The protagonist is immersed in a dreamlike dimension as she finds herself climbing the high peak of a mountain. At the top, the sky turns cardinal red, the road narrows down to her feet to the point of taking off from that impressive height, but a blinding light touches her face. Elise finds herself outside the forest, in front of her house. No hazel, no creature. Nothing else. Only she and the dawn of a new day. Feeling stronger with a body than someone who has traveled kilometers in the dark. The nights before that event were endless for Elise. Now hope has crystallized in the dawn of a new life.

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Photo Credits:
Ph Silvio Bursomanno
Model: Margherita Cardinalini 
Hairstyle: Gianni Lerario Tonio & Gina Parrucchieri 
Make Up Artist: Roberta Apos Officina Paar
Embroidery: Terry Ricami 
Embroidery: Decores Embrodery
Shoes Claudio Merazzi


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